Extend Your Website

Accept Payments

Need to accept single or recurring payments, collect donations, start a fundraiser or have items to sell, shopping carts and e-commerce can be a part of your new site and your team can add or update your products or services with ease.

Credit Cards Image


Display your planned events, meetings, etc. online and allow sign-ups with options for email reminders. With our printer-friendly feature, print and display on your wall to keep your local patrons informed. Daily, yearly, and even a monthly view can all be set to display. Display your upcoming events in a sidebar on the front page for easy advertisement.

Image of Calendar


Sell unlimited amounts of products to your customers. With integrated Pay-pal features or SSL Certificates accept payments instantly for purchases. Use a carousel to scroll through your products, a table to keep everything in line, grids for a gallery like feature or request a unique and custom design like no other.

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Collect email contact information and easily keep your subscribers or members updated with updates and reminder emails from the admin system. Instantly, after sign up your subscribers receive an automated welcome email from an existing template or easily customize your message to your specific organizations needs. Have separate list of subscribers, members, departments and employees for specific and direct email communications.

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Members only

Promote users to sign up and become members. Instantly receive a notification to your email inbox of a new member signup, approve them with the click of a button and allow them access to your member’s only area. As members signup all information is stored in a organized database that can be displayed to your website admins only.

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News & Announcements

Share your latest important published information anywhere on the website. Display your recently published articles on the front page. Your front page is a great area to combine and display many of the websites news and announcements offerings. Using blocks in the sidebar or footer share you latest news announcement. With the click of a mouse they can read more information about what matters most to them. New product releases, department updates or coupons and important features can all be sorted to display in the desired area.

News Image

Photo Albums

Collect and group your event pictures together in albums and display in a gallery. Upload your digital photos with predefined resizing and cropping features in the user interface, add captions, rotate and organize easily. Allow users to share comment and download your photos.

Photo Galleries


Polls can be created in minutes and help to clarify a question or a topic your business or venture might be seeking information about. Add a poll to existing content or create a new poll, only you can limit what is possible with polls.

Polls Image

Restricted Areas

Need specific areas of you site to be only viewed by certain departments, members or users. Have these areas accessible to only staff, clients or new visitors, permit anonymous users to view only content to encourage them to sign up or join a mailing list. Have complete control over what all your users can see and access.

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Display your sharpest images in a slideshow with the ability to add captions. Have this feature showcase your top products or display your most viewed items. All settings can be preset and configured to resize, crop then post live to your slideshow.

Slideshow Image


Webforms can be added to any page and used in many ways to collect information. One of the more common uses is a Contact us webpage. Configure website admins to receive notifications when a guest/user submits info into a webform.

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